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Jail Roleplay

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The context
The game will simulate a prison with various dynamics of interaction between different characters. There will be plenty of game situations and various locations, but everyone present may participate even under a different title.

Categories of participants
– Jailer
– Lifer
– Inmate
– Viewers

The group of Jailers is a mixed composition because it includes both members of the organization who manage the game, and those who enroll in the list asking for this role.

The group of Lifers is the ruling class of the prison which also has the privileges towards”new prisoners”, these privileges are also recognized by the jailers. They enroll in the list asking for this role.

The Group of Inmate represents the submissive class of the prison. They are newcomers and as such suffer public undressing upon their arrival at the prison and all the harassment of both convicts and jailers. They enroll in the list asking for this role.

The Viewers do not participate in the game but I can see the developments even if they will not have access to all the places where it takes place. They can decide at any time to take one one of the other roles to participate in the game. Either way they can interact with other players requesting interviews or parental visits. They enroll in the list with this role or come anyway without being registered.

Jailer: must have long black pants, and black socks and shoes/boots.
Lifer: pants at will (non-black).
Inmate : will have a convict suit provided by the club.
Viewers: will have the dress code based on the evening (naked/underwear).

Gaming Zone
– Inside the prison
– Outside the prison
– Hybrid Zones

– Inspection of Inmate
– Hazing of lifers
– Permits
– Revolt in jail

Sex-role identification during play
Upon entering, participants will receive one or two different coloured bracelets to indicate their role: only top, only bottom or versatile.
During the game everyone will have to take into account the limits expressed by the bracelet.
Of course, the player can decide to ignore the statement displayed by their own bracelet.

Possible dynamics of series

Lifers and Inmate can acquire seniority points with various acquaintances which will help reach hierarchical positions within the prison that may allow to determine game situations (hazing and uprising).

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